Why Parc Clematis Would Be The Best For Making An Investment?

Why Parc Clematis Would Be The Best For Making An Investment?

There’s a reason why a lot of professional investors are suggesting Parc Clematis as a perfect option for making investments, especially if your numbers are big. The experienced buyers and real estate investors have already stated that it is one of those rare residential properties in which if you put your money then there are no chances that you get a lower return because the return is surely going to be as high as 100%.

The site of Parc Clematis Condo is itself the main reason why you should be investing in this project because it is situated in Clementi which is considered as one of the most developed locations of entire Singapore. It will obviously increase the resale value of condos in just a few years. Due to a well-developed region, the site is surrounded by all the amenities and facilities which can also be stated as one of the reasons to increase its resale value. However, there are a few more reasons that back up the fact that it will be perfect to make investments in these condos which you can read further in the article.

Situated between a Central Business District and Commercial Business Hub

Clementi is located at just a drive of a few minutes from Buona Vista which is the second Central Business District of Singapore. At the west of Clementi, Jurong East, a commercial business hub is also at a distance of a few minutes drive. Thus, Clementi is sandwiched between two resourceful locations of Singapore. There are the offices and firms of some topmost multinational companies of Singapore in the Buona Vista like P&G while Jurong West has International Business Park, JEM, etc. All these places are enough to state that there will be a big rise in the coming years in the housing properties of Clementi and so the Parc Clematis.

Clementi is a wealthy town

Other than Parc Clematis, Clementi has a few more residential properties which had already broken some records in the sales of the properties. It is stated that there are a few HBD flats with 5 bedrooms in Clementi that were sold for more than $1 million.  A reason behind this is because the city has well-connected MRT stations as well as bus stations, so it would have been obvious for those buyers to buy a flat at such prime location at such a huge amount.

However, interested buyers and investors of these amazing condominiums can see this as a positive and beneficial point. Because the current estimated cost of these condominiums is just $816 per sq ft and developers have said that after adding all other expenses like maintenance, permits, etc, it will go up to 1000k – 1550k per sq foot, which is reasonable as well as affordable price at this location. Also, as explained above that how wealthy Clementi is, so these values have greater chances to get doubled or more at the time of their resale

Thus, it can be concluded that Parc Clematis condominiums are not just an ideal living space but also the best option for making investments with an assured and a huge rate of return.

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