How To Read The Floorplan When Buying A Condo?

How To Read The Floorplan When Buying A Condo?

Before buying a new condo, you have to check a hundred numbers of things that make your living comfortable, convenient and high standard. Although it is a lot of work, yet it is comparatively easier when you are seeing any pre-build condo but it can be pretty much difficult to finalize your deal if the condo is under construction and that’s the part where floor plan serves as a great help.

The floor plan is a sketch of the whole floor from the top view which is drawn at scale. It helps the buyer to know what they are spending money on and also what will be the size of the room, where will be the kitchen, bathroom and everything that is visible from above. You can visit the site of Piermont Grand to know about its floor plan as they have provided detailed floor plans of their condos. These floor plans make it easy for the buyers to select the best-suited condos to live in.

However, not everyone knows how to read those top view mapped sheets thus here is a quick guide on how to read a floor plan:

Name of the plan/model – When you want to buy a condo then builders or realtors will give several floor plans from which you can choose your desired one. Each and every floor plan has a different architectural name so that when you choose any one of them then you can refer it by its name. Also, there is a number mentioned besides your plan name which is for the lot size of your home and it is measured in feet.

Important Elements on the plan – The major elements that a floor plan is comprised of are kitchen area, balcony, bathroom, rooms, privacy screen, staircases, living area, gallery and other features which might differ in every plan. You should look for these things on your plan and especially decide on the location and size of these things that which plan do you want for your condo.

Dimensions and Direction of the different areas – When seeing the floor plan, you need to give a good check to the dimensions of each and every area. Although they are drawn in millimeters they are in the ratio of inches/feet which you can find on the map. You can check the size of every room, kitchen and other parts of the house and compare it in the real sense that if they are big or spacious enough for your family to love. However, these dimensions are measured from the room’s center and they can vary with a slight difference in real construction.

Abbreviations used in the plan – Since it’s a small map of your whole house thus everything will be explained with symbols and short forms to correctly use the limited space and keep the map clean and easy to read. These are the most used abbreviations that you can get in your floor plan:

WIC – walk in closet, CW – cavity wall, HW – hot water unit, IP – walk in pantry, RS – roller shutter, UG – underground, LN – linen closet, PR – powder room, W/D – washer and dryer, STOR. – Area of storage, DN – down stairways.

All these things help you to a great deal in making the right decision.

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