Advantages And Disadvantage Of Owning A Trolling Motor

Advantages And Disadvantage Of Owning A Trolling Motor

The electric trolling motors that you can find in the traditional market and on the online platform come with different designing and manufacturing options. There isn’t any doubt that the latest technology has brought some great changes in these motors and the materials that are now used in the manufacturing are durable, affordable, and tough.

As different motors come with different features, this is why it is necessary to list down the features that you need in a motor along with assessing the product range that is offered by different dealers.  The best way to find out a dealer is to go through the product description of the motor that you wish to buy along with going through the reviews of the people who have already purchased it in the past.

The motors are made as per the needs of fishermen and the people just want to enjoy their boating experience. It provides a smooth boating experience, but just like any other product, the electronic trolling motor also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Here are some of the advantages of having a Trolling Motor:

  • These motors are environment-friendly and they also don’t cause any noise. This ensures that the other boaters will not be disturbed in any manner and the people living near, flora and fauna will also not find any disturbance because of you using the boat.
  • They are very light in weight, this is why it is easy to install and remove them. For Kayaks and small boats, you can find transom motors. In case of a large boat, you will need a bow mount motor.
  • There are different thrust levels, shaft lengths, and battery power that you can find in different motors so that it becomes easy to encounter the environmental conditions in which you use them.
  • It is also a great option to use for the stealth fishing as you can easily and quietly go to spots where you will not find any difficulty in fishing and you will not scare the fish that you are trying to catch. You can easily use this motor in deep water or shallow water, you will surely not find any challenge in using them.

It is also easy to control the boat with the use of this motor with the use of hand steer of foot steer.

Disadvantages of using this motor

  • It is necessary to moor the boat for the purpose of charging the battery. You have to remove the battery for the purpose of charging, this can lead to security threats. Loading extra batteries with you can be a real pain for you.
  • Higher thrust will make it necessary for you to take extra batteries along with you. This is why you need to assess this factor before you choose any particular motor.
  • The cost of good quality batteries is high.
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