5 Persuasive Advantages Of Living At One Pearl Bank

5 Persuasive Advantages Of Living At One Pearl Bank

Condos are definitely an attractive proposition when it comes to household ownership. Whenever a new condo gets ready, always look for the beneficial factors first before jumping into buying a house. There is a whole list of benefits in living at exclusive condos, especially the ones of One Pearl Bank. However, if there are still a few points which are swaying you off from buying your dream home here, better read the below listed 5 points and check into this condo as soon as possible!

Better Value of One Pearl Bank

When measured from a square footage point of view, and if going through the sole perspective of numbers, note that condominium units are going to cost way less than any other living space of the same type. This comparison includes that of a house and an apartment. Any potential homeowner will be benefitted from this drop of money. In a survey conducted, it was seen that when regular homes and apartments charged $1000 per square feet, these condominiums could be settled in $900 or even less.

Less costly maintenance

Unlike other residential housing estates, One Pearl bank has a very less maintenance cost owing to the clever and delicate planning by the HOA and the builders. Each of the individual owners here shares the entire cost for up-keeping society. Moreover, another main advantage of this setup is that while touring foreign states on a long vacation, you can easily rent your condominium and earn pay on that too.


Can you ever think of a swimming pool or a tennis yard for your own play, at your very home? Well, save your expensive memberships and get yourself an exclusive swimming pool, gymnasiums, gardens, vertical gardens, tennis yards, courtyards for free in the on-campus facilities. These appealing amenities are only available to the residents and nobody else.


When it comes to security, one needs to be super-cautious and leave no stone unturned in building up a safe and secure environment to live into. One pearl bank has 24*7 CCTV surveillance and round-the-clock security guards which guarantee the safety and help deter many criminals from committing vandalism or misdeeds in the condominium.


Outram and ChinaTown’s MRT stations are at a within walking distance from this township. There are many shopping centers on and round here. Some famous ones include Clarke Quay, Tiong Bahru Plaza, China Town Point, and Concorde Shopping Center. Also, many major dining areas are situated here. Some of them are Mei Ling Market and Food Center, Alexandra Village Food Center, Tanglin Halt Food center and Redhill market and food center.

The Queenstown Primary School is at a feet’s distance from the condo. This school is one of the many prestigious schools situated here. The famous ones are Raffles Academy, Inspiration Design School, Gan Eng Seng School, etc. There are many community centers and expressways nearby which will help you go from one place to another with ease. Thus, you will not have to travel a lot when going to work or taking your child to school.

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